Welcome to Volkswagen UP Owners Club

Volkswagen UP Owners Club

Welcome to the Volkswagen UP! owners club and VW UP! Forum. The up! is an entirely new design, offering maximum space on a minimal footprint, making it ideal for driving in the world's cities and towns. Launched in the UK and the rest of Europe in December 2011 with a five door version available from summer 2012. There are three versions for different budgets and needs: take up! is the entry-level car, move up! the comfort-oriented model and high up! the top version. At the car's market launch, there will also be two models based on the high up!: up! black and up! white.

The UP forums are now open so you can begin discussing the new VW, available options, test drives and pre-ordering information will all be posted there so please feel free to join and post your questions and between us all we should be able to help! The site and forums are free to use and free to join.

Note on fuel consumption and CO2 values in the media database

Wolfsburg, November 5, 2015 Dear Madam, Dear Sir, As we informed you in the press release entitled “Internal investigations at Volkswagen identify irregularities in CO2 levels” (link to press release) issued on November 3, 2015, the CO2 values and therefore the fuel consumption data published by Volkswagen for some models are incorrectly stated. We are […]

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Fitting Maps+more to your UP!

Ok, so you bought your UP! without Maps and More and now you wish you could fit it? Your dealer has probably told you it’s not possible and you’ve probably got a sealed dash with no hole for the unit to plug into? Well fret not! Some of our members have figured out a way […]

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Volkswagen up! Five-Door Is Now Available To Order

The Volkswagen up! five-door is available to order for £365 more than the equivalent three-door model, with prices starting from £8,360. The five-door range is the same three-door, with a choice of Take up!, Move up! and High up! models, plus the special edition up! Black and up! White. The five-door Volkswagen up! has the […]

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Volkswagen Up! named 2012 World Car of the Year

The Volkswagen Up! is the 2012 World Car of the Year. The Volkswagen Up! city car was awarded the title at the New York motor show, coming out ahead of 33 other contenders including the BMW 3-Series and Porsche 911. The award is based on the votes of 66 top automotive journalists from 25 countries […]

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Volkswagen e up!

The up! range also includes an electric car in the shape of the e up!, which debuted at 2009’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Testing of the prototype – which we drove – is now so advanced, VW says a production version will go on sale in the middle of 2013. The e up! uses essentially the […]

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