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Fitting Maps+more to your UP!

Ok, so you bought your UP! without Maps and More and now you wish you could fit it? Your dealer has probably told you it’s not possible and you’ve probably got a sealed dash with no hole for the unit to plug into? Well fret not! Some of our members have figured out a way […]

Volkswagen Up! named 2012 World Car of the Year

The Volkswagen Up! is the 2012 World Car of the Year. The Volkswagen Up! city car was awarded the title at the New York motor show, coming out ahead of 33 other contenders including the BMW 3-Series and Porsche 911. The award is based on the votes of 66 top automotive journalists from 25 countries […]

Volkswagen e up!

The up! range also includes an electric car in the shape of the e up!, which debuted at 2009’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Testing of the prototype – which we drove – is now so advanced, VW says a production version will go on sale in the middle of 2013. The e up! uses essentially the […]

Volkswagen Up GT set for production

Volkswagen’s Up GT is reportedly heading into production as the company’s smallest hot hatch. The sportier Up is expected to feature a turbocharged version of the standard car’s three-cylinder, 1-litre engine. Uprated to around 110bhp, it will be nearly twice as powerful as the 60bhp base Up. The GT will drive the front wheels though […]

Volkswagen rolls out European campaign for the up!

Campaign message “Small is great. The new up!” Its world premier at the IAA back in September already showed there is a lot more to the up! than meets the eye. Now, Volkswagen’s new small car is making it big with the European campaign being rolled out for the market launch of the new city […]

The New Small Family is growing: five door up! arrives on market early this year

Price is only 475 euros higher than that of the two-door All signs point to a big future for the small up!. In Germany, the two-door city specialist immediately garnered first place in its class in registration statistics. Now Volkswagen is raising the bar by presenting the four-door version of the up!. In May, the […]

The VW Up has won the What Car? Car of the Year Award for 2012

The VW Up has won the What Car? Car of the Year Award for 2012, claiming the overall title and the best city car. Volkswagen picked up two further awards. It claimed top prize in the small family car category for the Volkswagen Golf for the fourth consecutive year, and won the Safety Award for its […]

e-up! – the up! for zero emissions driving

Enlightening. It has been decided: a production version of the e-up! will be launched on the market in 2013. At the IAA in 2011, Volkswagen is already presenting a near-production study of this zero-emissions car. It has a distinctive identifying characteristic at its front end: the arc-shaped layout of the LED daytime running lights in […]

eco up! – the up! for clean natural gas

EcoFuel. At the 2011 IAA, Volkswagen is presenting an up! which – thanks to its natural gas engine (EcoFuel) and BlueMotion Technology (Stop/Start system and battery regeneration) – emits just 79 g/km CO2, a new best value in CO2 emissions: the eco up!. So far, no one has documented such low emissions in a small […]

GT up! – the up! for the fast roads

Agility. Volkswagen will offer the new up! with engines whose power only ranges up to 55 kW / 75 PS. That makes sense, because the up! is primarily driven in the urban world. However, the car design could handle much more power. And that too can be desirable. Showing how such a more powerful up! […]

cross up! – the up! for big city driving

Near production. The up! family continues with the cross up!. It is also still a concept car, but it demonstrates three 3 aspects very clearly: 1. How the four-door up! will look. 2. What the four-door up! might look like in a cross up! version. 3. That Volkswagen will be expanding its successful cross programme […]

buggy up! – the up! for endless summer

Freedom. A buggy is more than just a car; it is an automotive lifestyle feeling. It was born in California in the 1960s and was based on the Beetle, which provided the engine and the chassis. The rest was created by buggy pioneers such as American Bruce Meyers: out of GRP, or glass-reinforced plastics. Buggies […]

Six UP! models at Frankfurt!

Who said Motor Shows don’t hold surprises anymore? VW has revealed the best kept secret, or should that be secrets, of the show by revealing not just the three-door up!, which we knew was making its debut, but five other versions of the groundbreaking city car. To keep things simple we’ve split them up under […]

Volkswagen Up What Car? review

You may remember the Volkswagen Up concept. It wowed everyone at the Frankfurt motor show almost four years ago and previewed the company’s idea of a budget city car. It was rear engined, rear-wheel drive and was set to have a seriously low £4000 price. Subsequent concepts also hinted at an MPV and electrically powered versions, […]

e-Up! concept

The two-door Volkswagen e-Up! zero-emissions concept debuted at the 63rd Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009. In July 2011 the carmaker announced the the e-Up! is scheduled for market release in early 2013. The 3.19 metres (10 ft 6 in) long all-electric e-Up! uses a 3+1 seater configuration. It uses a 60 kilowatts (82 PS; 80 bhp) (continuously rated at 40 kilowatts (54 PS; 54 bhp)) all-integrated drive […]

Space up! concept

The four-door four-seater mini MPV styled space up! concept car debuted at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show in Japan. Space up! Concept had all the features of the up! Concept, but has four-doors and is 23 centimetres (9.1 in) longer at 3.68 metres (12 ft 1 in) (15 centimetres (5.9 in) shorter than the Volkswagen […]

VW UP! First Drive!

The US mag Car And Driver have recently had a first drive in the new VW up and had the following to say. You can read more at; In the U.S., the idea of a car smaller than a Mini conjures mental images of a cramped interior, no trunk space, and a wheezing, gutless […]

VW UP Advert Song

Watch the new VW UP advert and song here:

VW up! GTI

Just a few days ago Volkswagen unveiled the up! supermini and now we have a speculative rendering of what a GTI version would look like. These images were sent to us by Ivan Martinovic of PS-Garage and we thought they looked pretty good so here they are for your enjoyment. Would you buy an UP – […]


The first photos of the Volkswagen up! have been released, ahead of the new small car making its debut at the Frankfurt motor show in September. The up! is an entirely new design, offering maximum space on a minimal footprint (3.54 x 1.64 m), making it ideal for driving in the world’s cities. It will […]