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The up! is an all-new city car from Volkswagen. With its pure design, maximum space on a minimal footprint, quality and attention to detail as well as affordable innovations it embodies the core values of the Volkswagen brand.

Unveiled as a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007, it was then substantially evolved, ready to make its public debut at the 2011 show in the same city. The up! went on sale in mainland Europe in December 2011; UK Retailers began taking orders for the car on 6 October and the first deliveries of the three-door model will take place in March 2012. A five-door version will join the range in the second half of 2012. Just a year later, in 2013, an electric version is due to be produced.

VW UP! Model Information

Volkswagen Up! GTI UK Pricing Announced

The baby GTI will be available from £13,750 if you decide to buy it as a 3-door. A 5-door model will also be offered at £14,150.

Volkswagen up! Five-Door Is Now Available To Order

The Volkswagen up! five-door is available to order for £365 more than the equivalent three-door model, with prices starting from £8,360. The five-door range is the same three-door, with a choice of Take up!, Move up! and High up! models, plus the special edition up! Black and up! White. The five-door Volkswagen up! has the […]

Volkswagen e up!

The up! range also includes an electric car in the shape of the e up!, which debuted at 2009’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Testing of the prototype – which we drove – is now so advanced, VW says a production version will go on sale in the middle of 2013. The e up! uses essentially the […]

VW UP! Videos

Driving round the country side: Driving round Rome, Italy: UP! Interior Video:

Introducing the UP!

The up! is an all-new city car from Volkswagen.  With its pure design, maximum space on a minimal footprint, quality and attention to detail as well as affordable innovations it embodies the core values of the Volkswagen brand. Unveiled as a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007, it was then substantially evolved, ready […]

UP! Design & Dimensions

At 3,540 mm in length and 1,641 in width, the up! is one of the smallest four-seater cars available.  Its overall length consists of remarkably short body overhangs and a very long wheelbase (2,420 mm) – a body layout that fully utilises the available space. Dimensions of the up!   up! Fox Polo length, mm […]

UP! Engines

Making its debut in the up! is a new generation of one-litre three-cylinder, 12-valve petrol engines, known internally as EA211.  Although the 82 mm cylinder spacing is shared with Volkswagen’s popular EA111 engine series, these are completely new engine designs.  These 999 cm3 engines are available with power outputs of 60 and 75 PS and fulfil […]

UP! Running Gear

The up! is front engined and front-wheel drive, and uses an all-new running gear.  Its very short overhangs on the front and rear axles as well as a long wheelbase and stiff body structure form the basis for good vehicle dynamics and chassis set-up. At the front is a strut-type suspension with wishbones.  A key […]

UP! Equipment & Trim Levels

The up! is available in three trim levels: Take up!, Move up! and High up!.  In addition, two special entry models are available at launch based on the High up! – called the up! white and up! black.  Specification highlights for these models are listed below; for full details please see the price list. Take […]

UP! Navigation & Options

A number of factory- and retailer-fit options are available for the up! which are largely grouped together in packs to simplify the purchase process.  Another important option – which is standard on High up! and the special editions is Maps & More.  For full details of availability, please see the latest price list. Sensor pack: […]

UP! Safety and Security

Its class-leading torsional rigidity and extremely strong body structure ensure it is a safe place to be, while active safety features including ABS, ESP, City Emergency Braking and integrated head restraints complete the package. In the event of a frontal collision, an Early Crash Sensor – integrated directly behind the front bumper – pre-activates restraint […]

UP! Warranty

The up! has a three year, 60,000 mile warranty (first and second year with unlimited mileage manufacturer operated, third year retailer operated) mechanical warranty.  In addition, it comes with a class-leading 12 year body protection guarantee, three year paint warranty and a year’s membership of Volkswagen Roadside Assistance which provides vehicle home and roadside recovery […]

How to spec a VW Up

The VW Up is What Car? Car of the Year 2012 but before you head to the showroom to place your order, take a look at our step-by-step guide to buying the perfect Up. Three- or five-door? For the moment, only a three-door version is available, but a five-door will go on sale in the […]

e-up! – the up! for zero emissions driving

Enlightening. It has been decided: a production version of the e-up! will be launched on the market in 2013. At the IAA in 2011, Volkswagen is already presenting a near-production study of this zero-emissions car. It has a distinctive identifying characteristic at its front end: the arc-shaped layout of the LED daytime running lights in […]

eco up! – the up! for clean natural gas

EcoFuel. At the 2011 IAA, Volkswagen is presenting an up! which – thanks to its natural gas engine (EcoFuel) and BlueMotion Technology (Stop/Start system and battery regeneration) – emits just 79 g/km CO2, a new best value in CO2 emissions: the eco up!. So far, no one has documented such low emissions in a small […]

GT up! – the up! for the fast roads

Agility. Volkswagen will offer the new up! with engines whose power only ranges up to 55 kW / 75 PS. That makes sense, because the up! is primarily driven in the urban world. However, the car design could handle much more power. And that too can be desirable. Showing how such a more powerful up! […]

cross up! – the up! for big city driving

Near production. The up! family continues with the cross up!. It is also still a concept car, but it demonstrates three 3 aspects very clearly: 1. How the four-door up! will look. 2. What the four-door up! might look like in a cross up! version. 3. That Volkswagen will be expanding its successful cross programme […]

buggy up! – the up! for endless summer

Freedom. A buggy is more than just a car; it is an automotive lifestyle feeling. It was born in California in the 1960s and was based on the Beetle, which provided the engine and the chassis. The rest was created by buggy pioneers such as American Bruce Meyers: out of GRP, or glass-reinforced plastics. Buggies […]

Pros and Cons: Owning a 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle over a 2 Wheel Drive Vehicle

When looking to buy a new vehicle, there are many cars for sale and therefore options in regards to vehicles that can make the choice a bit daunting. Some prospective buyers wrestle with the decision as to whether or not they should purchase a four wheel drive vehicle or simply stick with a 2 wheel drive vehicle. The […]