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The Volkswagen up! five-door is available to order for £365 more than the equivalent three-door model, with prices starting from £8,360.

The five-door range is the same three-door, with a choice of Take up!, Move up! and High up! models, plus the special edition up! Black and up! White.

The five-door Volkswagen up! has the same 3.54 m foot print as the three-door version with a 251 litre boot. According to VW there is 947 mm of headroom in the rear (versus 993 mm in the front) and 789 mm of legroom. The rear seat base is set slightly higher than the front seats, at 378 mm (versus 306 mm) giving passengers a clearer view of the road ahead.

The up! has been awarded five-stars in the latest Euro NCAP safety ratings, scoring 89% for Adult Occupancy, 80% Child Occupancy, 46% Pedestrian and 86% Safety Assist.

Deliveries should start in August this year if you place an order now.

In late 2013 a fully electric Volkswagen up! will join the range and an automated manual gearbox will become optional later in 2012.

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