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  1. General Technical
    Hello all, I normally drive my up about twice a week on very steep hill roads about 70, 80km long, i usually drive about 70 - 80kmph uphill, i was wondering when i am coming back down would it be ok if i use engine brake very heavily to decent the hill instead of using brakes a lot.. will it be...
  2. A winter tyre fan club in our house for Aberdeenshire motoring November to early April. In anticipation of my missus up being here in the next couple of weeks we’re organised and have a set of wheels/tyres standing by to swap over. Looked at loads of options for aftermarket as well as genuine...
  3. Currently bored in lockdown in North Wales, so looking to solve the issue of my OH needing my van to go off places, but not able to travel for a couple of weeks. Looking for a High Up 90ps. Sensible winter wheels & bouncy tyres would be a plus as I'm apt to kerb nice alloys. Cruise would be...
  4. Newbies
    Took delivery friday of this little beauty. BLACK EDITION,Costa Azule,MFS, Climate,Cruise And Park, Light And Sound and Winter Pack
  5. Main Message Centre
    Guys, I've just been passed on the m62 by a polish truck with a 5 door up on it, amongst other things. But the up had quarter lights in the rear doors and looked like it would have wind up rear windows. The truck passed me as I was going down the slip road so I couldn't tell if it was left or...
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