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General Information

Lupo GTI
LA7W Reflex Silver
Factory Heated Leather, Metallic Paint, CD-Player
I bought this way back in September 2004, soon as I saw her I fell in love. Quick test drive and I had to buy her! I'm never going to part with this car, I just love it too much! Had 7300 miles when i got it, now has 172k miles. Had a few trials and tribulations along the way, but totally worth it.
2003 Volkswagen Lupo GTI (LA7W Reflex Silver)


Engine is standard 1.6 16V with 125bhp, I've added a K&N panel filter and a Janspeed cat-back exhaust. May be hitting 130-135 bhp on a good day I guess. Always run on Super-unleaded fuel. Had it rebuilt at 118k miles due to a faulty oil control piston ring, she was drinking oil at 4 litres a week! LOL!! All good now though! Also fitted a re-con gearbox as mine was getting noisy but not beyond help, so I will get that rebuilt in the future.
Full factory leather, led interior lighting, VW 'Wolfi' seat belt guides, Beetle V5 doorlock pins, Seat Arosa heater contols, auto-headlights, VW rubber mats & boot liner. Soon to be fitted are black-vinyl covered heater vents and switches.
Not much to be honest, she looks just fine as she is!
Pioneer AVH-3500 DAB headunit, Alpine front components, JBL rear components, JL Audio 10w0 Subwoofer, 1000W Pro-plus class D monoblock amp.
Currently on Ap Coilovers, really impressed with them. I've also fitted a Whiteline rear Anti-roll bar on the medium setting, has made a massive difference and was money well spent. I am looking to upgrade the coilovers to some BK Racing versions in the future.
Wheel and Tire
Currently sitting on the Up!'s Triangle alloys on 165/45r16 tyres, not all that happy about that though, was out of necessity than want. I was running the OE Bathurst alloys with 195/45 r15 Uniroyals all round, but was forced down a gulley on my way home one evening and buggered 2 tyres and damaged the rims, so they need repairing and 2 new tyres. I've also run her on 7x16 BBS RX2 alloys with 195/45 r16 tyres, loved the look on these rims, but they also need a refurb (see a pattern here!? lol!) Had a few different sets on here over the years, but happiest on the OE bathursts to be honest, though if a set of Porsche Design 90's came along I'd be tempted! Now back on some freshly refurbed GTI Bathursts painted in gun-metal grey (to hide brake dust!) So much happier with how she sits now.



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