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High Up!
LA7W Reflex Silver
Bought in 2014, pretty much a fully-loaded High Up! from the VW Main dealership that I work for.

Panoramic Roof, Cruise Control, Parking Sensors, Leather-look Seats, 6-Speaker Package, Triangle Alloys, Lowered Sports Suspension, Spare Wheel, only thing she hasn't got is the 'City Crash' sensor.
2013 Volkswagen High Up! (LA7W Reflex Silver)


Totally bogo-bog standard 75 bhp powerhouse. I did remove the intake pipe once, just made more noise!
Full LED interior lights, swapped the window switch levers for Polo ones with the chrome strip on them. I also swapped the sunvisors for 9N Polo versions as they have a cover over the mrrors, so annoying seeing your face in them everytime you use them! I also retro-fitted the VW Centre Armrest, so much better and stronger than any of the aftermarket versions. Full set of VW rubber mats and loadliner too. I plan on fitting a bootlight soon as well, for now I have some Ikea push-on lamps that do the job. I also modded the parcel shelf to have straps, only to find that VW now do them in exactly the same way I did it! Also have some factory Up! sill protectors.
Not much really! Had the lower part of the rear bumper painted black to conicide with a future mod of having the rest of the roof wrapped in black vinyl, I also have a full bodykit to fit one-day! I've also swapped the alloys for some 7.5x17 Audi TT 9-spoke replicas running on 215/40 R17 Kumho tyres. I also fitted some LED headlamp bulbs and running lights, along with a LED in the number plate lamp, but I'm hoping to swap this for a VW LED unit soon. Also have an E-Up front VW badge as it has a blue surround, and the E-Up high level brake light as the plastic is clear rather than red.
I've retro-fitted the VW RCD-215 DAB unit from a later model. Got lucky and bought it from VW rediculously cheap in one of their warehouse clearance flash sales. I have a full set of the Fender door speakers to fit one day, and I plan on adding a flat underfloor subwoofer one day for a bit more kick. I have a few of the Maps & More units too, so switch between the OE one that came with the car that runs my Ipod in the glovebox, and a newer Garmin unit that I run my phone off. Front Fender speakers now fitted and really worth the wait, so much better than the standard speakers, more bass, much cleaner sounding. Just need to do the rears to match and buy a sub!
Totally standard VW Lowered 'Sports' suspension, handles pretty well to be fair!
Wheel and Tire
I'm currently running a set of replica Audi TT 9-spokes with 215/40 R17 Kumho tyres. The OE wheels are the Triangles, these are currently on my 2003 Lupo GTI though. All my wheels are in dire-need of refurbing!



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