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  1. Do all Up's have Bluetooth?!

    General Technical
    Hi all! I recently inherited a 2015 Up! and am struggling to play anything but the radio or CDs in it, I'd love to play music through my phone but there doesn't seem to be a Bluetooth option! Does anyone know a way around this? Thanks! 😊
  2. Music Echoes with Bluetooth

    Infotainment, Electronics, Maps & More
    Hi all, I‘ve just brought a 2015 Street Up! and it’s my first car and I love it. Just one problem I’m having with it is that the Bluetooth seems to echo when I’m listening to music from my phone. I’ve tried adjusting the EQ, disconnecting and reconnecting my phone but still no joy. If anyone...
  3. Bluetooth Deletion?

    UP GTI
    Hi All, Can anyone let me know how to delete a paired bluetooth device from the infotainment system please? I have built up a few historical devices that the system will look for before pairing with my current device. Much appreciated! Jack