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  1. Engine, Gearbox and Performance
    Hi, So the gearbox warning light comes on when my 2013 5-door High Up! 1.0MPI (74hp, ASG) is driven uphill in a traffic jam (below 10km/h, or 6mph) for an extended period of time, and after checking the fault codes via an OBD scanner, it shows that the clutch is overheating, is it possible to...
  2. General Technical
    Hey guys hope all is well :) newbie here, bought a 62 plate take up! On 29600 miles and 3 owners from new, VW for first 2 years, the 2 older owners for 3 years each. car was £3600 and I love the ups so I’m happy. a few pieces of warranty work paperwork of things done in 12/13 leaky boot and...
1-2 of 2 Results