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  1. UP GTI
    Hi all, new to the group and picking up my GTI this Saturday. Im looking at what mods to do straight off the bat, and have settled on the Miltech exhaust road + so far. also looking at spacers. What else do others recommend? Ive seen a lot of comments about changing the tyres to 205’s...
  2. General Technical
    My 8 year-old Up! was sounding like the exhaust was leaking, so I took it to the local National Tyres. The bloke said there was a hole in the flexi pipe, which is attached to the catalytic converter, and the rest of the exhaust system was pretty rusty too. He quoted £650 to replace it all...
  3. UP GTI
    Howdy people, Does anyone have any experience with the Scorpion exhaust cat-back system? I’m aware that Scorpion only do a resonated version unlike Milltek who do resonated, road+ and non-resonated. Specifically, I’d like thoughts and any pictures/videos for the look and sound if available...
1-3 of 3 Results