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  1. UP GTI
    Hi all, I have a full size spare Oswald wheel for my GTI. I want to know if: 1) does it fit in the spare wheel well with a tyre on? and 2) how would I go about having the wheel in the spare wheel well without the alloy getting scratched? I’d secure the wheel face down with the screw provided...
  2. UP GTI
    Hello 👋 im looking to buy a UP GTI in Tungsten silver 5dr with beats stereo. I can’t find one anywhere so I thought I would ask on here if anyone is willing to sell or know one for sale it would be much appreciated. went to see one at a vw garage which was perfect but the paint work was awful...
  3. For Sale
    Pictures added. Options: Cruise & park. Beats ICE. VW dealer serviced (plan) March 2020 & May 2021 MOT'd 2nd March, service due in May. I've a spare 16" wheel included. Private sale. Car now in that Pershore :)
    £13,500 GBP
  4. General Technical
    Greetings fellow Up! Owners, I hope Im not posting in the wrong section. I have a 2014 75ps move Up! That has served me will for the past years as my first car but has the dreaded transmission 1st and R gear issue + rattle, clutch click, and a rattle down the steering column. the thing I love...
  5. Wanted
    Hello, If anyone has replaced their tyres from the stock GTI Goodyear’s and you’re looking to offload one of them, give me a shout as I’m looking for a spare tyre. Has to be in very good condition with at decent amount of tread left. Thank you!!
  6. Modifications
    It occured to me recently that after fitting the Forge intake the PCV now recirculates straight back to the turbo/engine without going through a filter like it used to. My initial thoughts are that this can't be good as theoretically oil vapour could build up in the engine, but both Forge and...
  7. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension, Brakes
    Hey guys, my name is Emmet and I have recently got myself an up gti. I must say, I am mightely impressed with how nippy it is (for what it is, a 1.0 litre supermini) and how fuel efficient in that I have got over 72mpg from it over 16 miles once. I have now had it for a month and a half and...
  8. Newbies
    Hi guys! Proud new Up! Gti 3dr owner here! Learned to drive in my mums Up! White 6 years ago and after buying a Volvo C30 as my first car I’ve traded it for the Up! With little persuasion. After one week I am loving it already and it’s even performing well in the Scottish snow!
  9. UP GTI
    I've checked eBay and various other outlets but can't seem to find any available. Could someone point me towards an available spare rim I could purchase without going to VW vendors Looking for a 17inch Alloy Wheel...
  10. UP GTI
    Hi All, Can anyone let me know how to delete a paired bluetooth device from the infotainment system please? I have built up a few historical devices that the system will look for before pairing with my current device. Much appreciated! Jack
  11. Modifications
    Hi all Doing a few tweaks to up. Need a part number for a gti rear balance but all the Etka stuff seems to point to older models before the gti was made. Need one for a facelift 2018 with the cut out like the gti one. Thanks in advance!
  12. gti.jpg

    Rally look for winter: new 15" off brand rally wheels with Continental Wintercontact 860TS, 195/55
1-12 of 12 Results