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  1. Infotainment, Electronics, Maps & More
    I’ve got a 13 plate Up! And been having ongoing problems with my speakers for a couple of years now. Basically 3 of the speakers have stopped working, passenger door and both back speakers, the drivers door speaker is still working nothing wrong with it. I’ve checked the wire connections in the...
  2. General Technical
    anybody that maybe have experienced that the turning light indicator blinks to fast inside, but the light outside blinks in the right frequency, i have the issue only on one of the turning light. all the lights on the car works fine nothing is broken all the fuses are fine. VW UP car have no...
  3. Modifications
    Hey Everyone, I drive a 2016 Skoda Citigo (pretty much the UP!) and I absolutely love it, my first car and shes all black! But I am having a really hard time finding parts that fit or trusted websites for a few mods, Ive put a ramair filter in it which brings its engine to life a little bit, its...
1-3 of 3 Results