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  1. e-UP!
    I have a 2022 VW e-Up! which I'm very much enjoying, I've noticed on occasion, if I set the climate control to 20.5, radio to BBC radio (for example) and make a phone call and turn the volume up high these settings seem to be forgotten once the car is switched off and I get back in. When I...
  2. Infotainment, Electronics, Maps & More
    Hey! I've only recently purchased a 2012 VW up and i was wondering if the Garmin 4nsf Is the correct Sat Nav & Cradle for my car? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393983160998?hash=item5bbb39f2a6:g:RcwAAOSw5NphkPVZ This is the Ebay listing for the one i was looking at, i would just love to know if...
  3. Infotainment, Electronics, Maps & More
    Hi Everyone! I have a 2013 Up! (Base model), and wanted to tinker around with it. First thing I wanted to do was add some kind of 1/2 DIN infotainment system to it. I found a post here from 2012 where they showed a genuine VW part from Europe showing exact what I want, but I can’t find it...
  4. Infotainment, Electronics, Maps & More
    The DAB radio on my 2015 move up cuts out intermittently every 10-30 seconds no matter where I am in the UK. I had my antenna stolen a few years back and I remember vw offered me a choice of 2 antennas - I took the cheaper one. Could this be why? Or do I have a fault somewhere? Can anyone...
  5. UP GTI
    Hi All, Can anyone let me know how to delete a paired bluetooth device from the infotainment system please? I have built up a few historical devices that the system will look for before pairing with my current device. Much appreciated! Jack
1-5 of 5 Results