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  1. General Technical
    So I just recently installed Philips H4 led lamps in my 2019 up that are legal in my country and noticed that the fog lights wouldn’t turn on while cornering or using the blinkers. Does anyone have a fix ? It’s a plug and play system so didn’t touch the wiring and I got no error codes.
  2. Infotainment, Electronics, Maps & More
    Hi all, Does anyone have recommended Canbus LED's to replace the Reverse light and Side Indicators on a 2014 Up. It would be really appreciated, many thanks.
  3. Modifications
    Good day, Does anyone know if there is a constant 12v in the rear doors when the key is in ACC? I would like to know because I am planning on installing ambient lights in the door trim and I figured that it would be easier to get the ones that tap power from the door panel so that there is...
  4. Modifications
    Got these colour changing interior LEDs for £10. They look much better in person and i managed to neatly fit them with minimum exposed wire without removing any panels or using any permanent fixings. Any questions let me know...
  5. Modifications
    I saw this video clip a while back but I’ve since been unsuccessful at finding where to buy them. Hopefully someone on here will know where to get them from and if they can be installed on a 2013 high up. Thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results