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  1. Engine, Gearbox and Performance
    Hello all, I hope you are well. Can anyone recommend me a trustworthy remap place in Reading by any chance? 64 plate VW high UP! 73bhp is what I've got Thank you for your help
  2. UP GTI
    Hi all, new to the group and picking up my GTI this Saturday. Im looking at what mods to do straight off the bat, and have settled on the Miltech exhaust road + so far. also looking at spacers. What else do others recommend? Ive seen a lot of comments about changing the tyres to 205’s...
  3. Modifications
    I know this is a tad unorthodox, but I’m set on getting some properly rally car style mudflaps for my StreetUp, most likely in black for a bit of subtlety. I was mainly wondering, A) Would a set of universal mudflaps like sparco ones fit the car properly? B) How easy/tricky would they be to...
  4. Modifications
    Hi all, was looking for information about how people are going about fitting Sparco, Corbeau and recaro seats. tia