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  1. FM Radio Reception Issue - RCD 215 - What is "ANT1 : AUS" ?

    General Technical
    Hey all, Move Up! 2013 owner here. Can you folks help me decipher the photo below? The quality of my radio reception suddenly nose-dived (can barely hear one major FM station) so accessed the RCD 215 secret menu thinking it would help me diagnose the problem. So far I'm looking at either...
  2. DAB Radio

    Infotainment, Electronics, Maps & More
    The DAB radio on my 2015 move up cuts out intermittently every 10-30 seconds no matter where I am in the UK. I had my antenna stolen a few years back and I remember vw offered me a choice of 2 antennas - I took the cheaper one. Could this be why? Or do I have a fault somewhere? Can anyone...