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  1. UP GTI
    Hello all, I’ve an UP GTI 21 reg and i’m very happy with it, just want to check regarding tyres. It seems a popular move to swap the eco goodyear tyres from the stock 195/40/17’s to some better tyres that are 205/40/17’s. I was thinking to get the new Michelin PS 5’s that have come out this...
  2. Wanted
    Hello, If anyone has replaced their tyres from the stock GTI Goodyear’s and you’re looking to offload one of them, give me a shout as I’m looking for a spare tyre. Has to be in very good condition with at decent amount of tread left. Thank you!!
  3. UP GTI
    First of all apologies if anybody else suggested this but I only found posts by 911ts3 suggesting tyre pressures of 30 front and 28 on the rear. So today I tried it and was pleasantly surprised by the difference. There is still a firmness and the same direct feel. But there is a little added...
  4. UP GTI
    Hi all, new to the group and picking up my GTI this Saturday. Im looking at what mods to do straight off the bat, and have settled on the Miltech exhaust road + so far. also looking at spacers. What else do others recommend? Ive seen a lot of comments about changing the tyres to 205’s...
1-4 of 4 Results