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  1. Exterior / Interior Care
    Female moment .. After little car crash i have to change rear bumper on my Skoda citigo. Mechanic shop is asking 600€ for skoda bumper, but used vw bumper is 130€. My question- would it fit??
  2. For Sale
    Hi Guys, I would like to offer the club first refusal on some accessories I have left over after moving on from my Up! GTI. All items will be listed exclusively to the Up!OwnersClub for three weeks. After this they will be posted elsewhere. - ITG Air Filter - Unboxed, Never Fitted - [£58...
    £100 GBP
  3. Modifications
    Hello Up! owners, I have my TakeUp! for almost 4 years now, still runs great and i'm still loving it. Since I love the look of the facelift rear lights but for the moment I don't want to spend around 300 quid to retrofit them, I found a more economic way to obtain that look. I paid a local...
  4. Modifications
    Hi, looking for constructive feedback on my plans below. I have white VW UP! High 2018. Planned modifications. APR stage 1 remap - +54hp and +63Nm 17" 1Form Edition.3+ (EDT.3+) Wheels in matt bronze 7.5J 205/40 R17 Pirelli Zero Neo all round Milltek Cat back gt90 exhaust - Black tip ST...
  5. Gallery
    Quick hour project today, blacked out the rear lights of me UP!
  6. Newbies
    Hi guys! Proud new Up! Gti 3dr owner here! Learned to drive in my mums Up! White 6 years ago and after buying a Volvo C30 as my first car I’ve traded it for the Up! With little persuasion. After one week I am loving it already and it’s even performing well in the Scottish snow!
1-6 of 6 Results