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  1. Modifications
    It occured to me recently that after fitting the Forge intake the PCV now recirculates straight back to the turbo/engine without going through a filter like it used to. My initial thoughts are that this can't be good as theoretically oil vapour could build up in the engine, but both Forge and...
  2. Order Forum
    Hi there! New to the group, and as titled I'm soon to be an UP owner. I always thought I'd have a red one, but good deal at dealer and only black available. Need a 5 door for practicality, and climate was on the one they had. When I was configuring an UP, I put Beats and Cruise on as well...
  3. Newbies
    Hello Everyone, As the title suggests I am considering an UP GTI 3 Door as my second car. I currently have a Golf GTI performance mk7.5 and normally would change every 3 years or so however the new Golf mk8 doesn't appeal in either GTI, Clubsport or R guise. I can therefore see myself keeping...
  4. Newbies
1-4 of 4 Results