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Hello everyone, my name is Joshua, I wanted to introduce myself.

I've just brought myself a fantastic little 2015, 1-owner from new, Rock up!
It's 6 years old in June and has only done 3,500 miles, full VWSH, including a recent cambelt change - it really is like a brand new car, it's finished in Candy White with the over-the-top stripes.

I've got a couple of questions that I need help with, if anyone would be so kind?

1) The Navigon 70/71 system doesn't work, it just displays the 'Welcome to Volkswagen' screen, I had it plugged in the car all day yesterday driving around hoping that it would come alive but it hasn't, I've plugged it into my computer and a noticed a little dim flickering amber light at the bottom of the unit, which is now after an hour of charging a bright amber light but still the 'Welcome to Volkswagen' screen, nothing else. To be honest, I'm not too bothered about the Sat-Nav function as I have another car for longer journeys it's more the Bluetooth functionality that's important to me and I presume this is done through the Navigon system and rather than the cars head unit?

2) The passenger heated seat comes on initially when the car is turned on but goes off within a couple of seconds? Then the button doesn't work at all until the next time you turn off and on the car; the driver's one works fantastically. Is this a common fault? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance to all of those willing to help me, Joshua.
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