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Coming up to a month of ownership having got it from the dealer during the Christmas holiday. Not long at all really but decided to give my initial thoughts to the car.

Firstly it’s a 2016/17 model 1.0 non turbo I bought from the local Aberdeen VW dealer, one previous owner, full dealer service history, only 16,000 miles and I paid £6,549 for it. For me that is a whole lot of money, especially for a tiny car.

So what do I think so far...

Pros –

• It looks really nice, in my eye’s, there is no area I think the styling is off, it looks much nicer than the Skoda or the Seat.
• The room inside is huge, ok it’s narrow’ish but for 4 people it seems more spacious than my last Fiesta, especially in the back. Really it feels like a much bigger car.
• The back windows pop out to open, this is great, if you have kids who fiddle with power windows in the back, no worries about them chopping their fingers off or leaving it open overnight when it will inevitably rain.
• The interior although sparse is clean simple and immaculately put together. Looking over it I can’t fault it anywhere, good materials, no rattles at all. By far the best I have ever seen on such a small car.
• Good handling, very responsive and agile steering with good direct feel of the road gives a lot of confidence and the brakes are more than up to the task.
• Clutch is super light and the whole car easy and relaxing to drive, even at motorway speeds.
• Boot space is huge for the size of the car, it’s amazing and to have a full size spare in there, hard to believe that’s possible. (I changed out my space saver for a second hand steel wheel). I really like the drop down shelf and the hangers for the shopping bags, which I use, just all very well thought out and practical.
• Fuel economy, wow that is very impressive and I thought my Fiesta was good, this is fantastic and I do mostly city driving too.
• I will be servicing the car myself and everything looks easy to access and well thought out I in the engine bay, which is important to me. Probably helped by this being a no-turbo engine.

Cons –

• The engine is weird, it sounds weird, has a weird vibration especially at idle, it sounds coarse, like it has a blown exhaust especially when driving “quickly”.
• Not very powerful unless revved about 3k after than it seems to get more lively and not much torque for going up steeper hills. But once up to motorway speeds it sits there quite happily.
• First gear can be annoying as it is hard to get into unless almost stationary and even then can be notchy to get into at the lights.
• Paint finish on the suspension is a bit thin and I can see me touch that up in the summer to keep the rust away.
• Dash phone mount only goes to 5.5”, that’s tiny for modern phones mine is too big and rules out small tablets.
• Covers over the sunvisor mirrors would be nice, although I am totally gorgeous I don’t want to stare at myself every time the sun comes out.

In summary I am very pleased with it so far and feel this was the correct car for me, time will tell if I change my mind.


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A very good read and I found myself agreeing along the way. A few chuckles too, notably...

Covers over the sunvisor mirrors would be nice, although I am totally gorgeous I don’t want to stare at myself every time the sun comes out.

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