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"the car's small front compartment which will be replaced by a larger one once the next-gen model will hit the market sometime in 2017."

"Thanks to the increased size, Volkswagen will be able to fit the 2017 up! with a new range of TSI engines as replacements for today's MPI units which Schafer admits they don't have a "good feeling in the car" and are not "very sporty or very smooth."

Some comments from VW regarding the next VW up!

Sorry if this has already been discussed in here but these comments don't look promising for the redesign, first of all, why make a small car and then keep increasing the size? Look at the ridiculous size of the new Mini (they should call it the Bigi).

The current engine has bags of character, not sure i want a quiet refined engine in the up!

Early days i know, but i can see where they are going with this, i'd don't expect the next up! to be as fun as the current generation.

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As a native speaker I would like to see what SchÃfer really said.
I'll have a look in (on?) the SEs ...

So many is lost in translation and some things have a double meaning which can't be translated ...
I can not imagine SchÃfer saying that he doesn't feel good in the car or that it isn't sporty.
If he did, he's wrong in his position. I am just marketing man in a 20 employees company (selling 50.000+ GBP instruments). I would never have said or written anything like that. You can say that the sporty touch can be improved ...

I have to translate brochures and articles in my job. You sometimes have to double the length or write something different to get the intention of the author - and journalist's aducation doesn't get better ...

EDIT: Couldn't find a quote in German about the up! 2017 ...
Only found that he signed until 2017 ...

BUT 2017 seems like a realistic point of time for the "up! 2.0" (not litres but version).
And I do believe that VW will continue having an up!, now matter how the evolution may look like.
It will last much longer than the Lupo or Fox .(and old up!s will become famous cars as the old Golf or Polo) ...

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Here's where the (English) quotes are from.

Also new auto gearbox; and "the production variant of the up! GT with its 105 HP (77 kW) 4-cylinder, 1.2-liter turbocharged engine will feature a slightly longer nose to accommodate the larger and more powerful engine."

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I mean the first option in engines are the EA211 TSI:

New 1.0 litre 3-cylinder TSI®

The new 3-cylinder TSI® engine represents a consistent continuation of
the Volkswagen downsizing strategy. The next evolution stage for the
EA211 engine family will be implemented step by step in A0 (Polo) and A
class vehicles (Golf). The charge exchange and injection components of
the 3-cylinder TSI® that have been further developed as against the
4-cylinder engine form the basis for more efficient combustion with
faster conversion of energy.

Like the familiar highly-efficient and dynamic 4-cylinder engines, the
3-cylinder TSI® combines low exhaust gas emissions with low fuel
consumption without compromising on driving pleasure.

The 1.0 litre TSI®, which is initially being fitted in the Polo and the
Golf in three power ratings, expands the existing modular system
consisting of 3-cylinder MPI and 4-cylinder TSI® engines. With
turbocharging and direct injection the 3-cylinder engine has power
output of 85 kW in the Golf and 70***** and 81 kW respectively in the
Polo. The maximum torque is 160 Nm for the 70 kW variant and 200 Nm for
the engines with higher power ratings. This enables the 1.0 litre TSI®
to achieve dynamic performance coupled with very low fuel consumption.

In future there will also be a CNG variant based on the new 1.0 litre
TSI 3-cylinder engine, thus continuing the expansion of the natural gas
model portfolio in the supermini car segment.


The same engine will appear on the
new VW Taigun:

The same 1.0 TSI will be produced by VW at the plant of São Carlos, Brazil:

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