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To start off, sorry no picture yet. I know this section is for that and I will post one very soon of the new one.

I wanted to write a post about my experiences in the world of Up!s.

As I've been writing before I ordered an Up in April in black color 60 BHP BlueMotion with sound pack, sensor pack, maps & more and the spare wheel. After quite a long time waiting around and checking up on order tracker etc the call finally came at the end of July. My car would be ready for collection on 6th of August.
Now being all excited I went to have a sneak peak a couple of days before and found out that even though the car looked absolutely awesome in black and the interior was superb, it was missing something... The Maps & More. This was due to it being made as an "after order" cause I changed my mind about the M&M the day after the original order. So it was added later. Due to a screw up at the dealers the M&M never reached the factory and was left out.

To sort this all out the dealer came a fair bit my way. The instant they saw M&M was not included, they ordered another car for me. They threw in the winter pack on top for free and let me have the originally ordered car for the new wait time. Obviously not the perfect option for them as they lose a fair bit of money to have to sell the 1st car as used.

So after another 2 more months of waiting (I know! They must have pulled some strings to get it that fast) the next car arrived and was delivered to me this Saturday.

I drove with the 1st car a bit over 3000 miles during the 2 months (yikes) but nevertheless these were mostly trouble free miles with the exception of an odd feature from the steering when they took it in for tests for 2 days.
But I have to say what a awesome little car it is! The drive just gets better as the miles clock on when the engine gets looser and so does the mileage.

I have now my new 62-plate with the M&M and winter pack and I'm chuffed. The M&M is really worth the money after driving with only the normal radio/cd. The characteristics of this 2nd car is a little different from the other one but actually in a good way. Only thing to do is to drive it in properly (again). Don't think anyone has as of yet had this much experience with 2 nearly identical Up!s

Conclusion: Want a nice small reliable car that does extremely good mileage? Get an Up! and don't forget Maps & More!
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