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Hi people, I wish to share my experience driving my up from 23km delivery km to 3600km within 9 days because I took it onto a little road trip.

This particular Up! is my second Up! because sadly the first one died after an accident. So lets get into it. Just so we all clear, the review is form my 5 door Up! with all options.

Fuel Consumption
It was 80% highway driving between 100km/h - 110km/h and 20% city driving 60km/h - 80km/h. The weather was between 25C - 35C. I found it VERY easy to achieve average of 4.7L/100km.

The longest journey in the 3600km was the 890km trip I made from Sydney of Australia to Melbourne, all I had was 1 20 minute break which I stopped for petrol and a burger. The first 2 hours was pretty good, I enjoyed the upright seating position and the simulated leather felt kind of nice but about 5 hours into it I started to feel a discomfort from my back. I've done the same trip in my Range Rover and it hat way more comfortable seats but after thinking it through I discovered that the only difference between the two is that the Range Rover had lumbar support! which the Up! really needed for a long drive. Apart from that the cruise is extremly easy to use and the GPS unit is really nice too!

I've noticed a couple of problems/glitch and was wondering if you guys are having the same problem.

1) When GPS is streaming music from my iphone via bluetooth, sometimes it makes a wired noise/repeat it self for a second.

2) When engaging reverse, if i do it quick despite having the clutch depresed, it clunks the gears.

Let me know what you guy think... and I'd be happy to answer any questions if anyone is looking at buying one. I'm also a 2011 Smart Fortwo owner ;)
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