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Was experimenting with a samsung SDXC 64Gb Micro SD card for another device and whilst at it thought I'd see if it work work in the Maps and More GPS (Navigon one).

Well, low and behold it did
. The SDXC was loaded with just over 60Gb of music files copied straight from my iTunes library (M4A), and after a scan it worked perfectly, random play etc. No album art though, I believe the files need to be in MP3 format for that to work.

All that is needed is to reformat the SDXC card from the native ExFAT format to FAT32. This can be done easily in Diskmanager on a Mac, it will prompt to say the card should be in ExFAT not FAT32 for the type of media, but will go ahead and reformat to FAT32 anyway. On a Windows PC, I believe you will need a special format utility as that OS will not do it natively.
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