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If you buy new VW e-UP there is high chance that it will come quipped with the Telematics module and We Connect service through which you can schedule times, charging etc. In my case, i did the registration, they activated the SIM card ... BUT ... nothing worked at all, i couldn't complete the vehicle activation (the part where you need to enter mileage). After dozens of calls to the Customer Center and 3 weeks waiting for the service appointment i took my friends' VCDS cable and SW and repaired it myself. Here is what i did, in case someone will need it (maybe not):
  1. you need registered VCDS 19.6. or higher + HEX CAN2 cable
  2. connect to the module 75 Telematics, module 12E-035-284-B , Component:OCULowEMobil 029 0183
  3. go to security login and enter key 20103
  4. go to the adaptation and change "not activated" to "activated" on these channels
    • MAS13730-Radio mode
    • ENG123196-ENG125484-Online_Services_Data_Roaming-Core_Service_Telephony
    • ENG123196-ENG123362-Online_Services_Data_Roaming-Core_Service_Management
    • ENG123196-ENG125485-Online_Services_Data_Roaming-JobMechanism
  5. OPTIONAL you can activate also Geo fancing, Door unlock, Honking Flashing features contained in group "ENG123196"
  6. wait for 30 mins appx.
  7. go to the We Connect registration and complete your activation by entering ODO mileage
  8. Enjoy :)
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