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Hi everyone,

My dad wants to replace his current car with 156k miles on the clock with a smaller one since he's retired now, and he seems to really like the up!. Coincidentally I'm just a few months away from my 17th birthday, so any car he buys would have to be insurable for me as well in future. His current car is an 06 plate Seat Altea TDI, and he said that he will only spend 2 grand on any repairs etc before just scrapping it - mysteriously just before he had to shell out £700 for a new ABS pump unit, and now will have to replace a set of tires too - since it's not worth anything.

Mum and Dad haven't really looked into the specifics about getting an up! other than the general price range and features of the car, since they don't plan on buying one just yet. They agree that the minimum model they would get would be the Move up!, since they don't want to go back to the stone ages (no central locking!) for a car that they will use themselves every day. I think they also agree that getting all the safety stuff - the radar braking and the rear parking sensors - would be a good idea too.

If anyone has any advice for them or myself about anything to do with
the car - like running costs or insurance for a young driver - then that
would be very greatly appreciated.
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