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Hi Guys,

Just bought a used 3 door 2020 GTi in White! Always loved the UP!, I have one in Australia, just a base model but perfect for OZ and the draconian speed limits that are hugely enforced over here! I also bought my son one for his first car... which he wrote off rolling over and through a hedge only 4 months later! But fair play, the insurance paid out so well he actually upgraded to a 'High UP!' for the same money. He has not rolled it!

I am picking up the car in 3 weeks and of course, want to mod it! Reading on here, I will go for the JBS re-map plus MIltek road spec exhaust and some lowering coil-overs. It's still under warrantee but life is too short to wait 2 years just in case...!

A couple of quick questions of course...

1: Read about the modding insurance thread. What insurance companies do we know are 'ok' with the 'Stage 1 JBS tune' and lowering springs/dampers?

2: Latest thoughts about what lowering spring/damper set-up is optimum?

3: How many 'older' owners are on here... I am 63! (and remember clearly the Mk1 Golf GTI!)

Really excited about the car... I have owned too many cars in my years, including lots of Lotus! Spent too much time and $$ on track days and modding however!

I'll post some photos when I collect.


Pete :>)
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