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I've just read in a danish car news site that the Up!, Citigo and Mii won the car of the year 2013 title here in Denmark! Nice job from the little triplets

The title is chosen by 20 motor journalists from Denmark, the selection was narrowed down from 24 to the final 6 cars:

Renault Clio
The "Triplets" VW, Skoda and Seat
Volvo V40
Kia Cee'd
BMW 3-Series

The journalists emphasizes that the Up! sets a whole new standard for how cars under 100.000 danish kr. feels, looks, and drives. Furthermore it is the most sold car in Denmark, a first place previous dominated by Toyota and their Aygo. They lost their first place in late summer when the Up! reached 1300 sold units, and still rising!
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