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car not starting?

what to do if your car isnt start during lockdown and quarantine

i made a quick video showing you how to diagnose your battery / alternator and starter motor?
common problems

basically i went to my honda accord and as its been lockdown here in the UK i havnt been out at all for the past 3 months or so and the car didnt start because the battery had gone flat over this time and didnt have enough juice to turn the car over.

i got the car jump started using some jump leads. the car started perfectly fine on the first turn once connected to some jump leads. this tells us that the starter motor is working

using the volt meter, we can see if the the alternator is working and sending charge to the battery. the battery voltage reading on standby should be 12V as seen on the car battery. so with the car running, if the alternator is working and doing its job, it should be giving power to the battery and the reading should be higher, usually around 14V. as you can see in the video the reading while the car was started was reading 14.0V exactly on the digital voltmeter. this tell us that the alternator is working properly.

the final check is after when the car is turned off, the battery should be reading 12V because its a 12V battery, anything less, this tells us that the battery is not holding enough charge / needs charging or it needs replacing. common faults can include the cells within the battery dying...

to do this quick check, the tools i used include;
jump leads - to start the car
volt meter - get the volt reading

link on ebay to the voltmeter - China

Link on ebay to the voltmeter - UK based seller

link on ebay for the battery terminal crocodile connectors (these do not come with the volt meter, but are not required because you just need to touch the wires to the battery terminals but i have added these for ease)

this is a quick check which will work on all cars.

apologies in advance if this post is not allowed. i thought id share as other car owners may experience this same issue and its a quick guide where they could start


link to video

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