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Had the car a week now, and over the weekend I drove up to Lincs so its done a few miles now.
It returned 56.5mpg on the trip of around 530 miles and the PID said 58.5 so not too different. Was a mix of A road and dual carriageways as I wanted to avoid motorways during running in. The car was pretty comfy, it took some time getting a decent seat and wheel position but Ive got it the best I can.

Seat base is too soft and the lack of lumbar support is poor in a new car like this. However, its pretty good. The legroom for my left foot is awesome!

I found the car very quiet, engine noise is muted and Id prefer it a little louder like the 107 my wife has. Road noise is minimal but winf noise worse than many small cars Ive owned. However, overall its very good for refinement.

The performance isnt bad a tall, OK its no rocket but Im impressed so far. Now to those noises reported.... yes the gears rustle at lower revs and I get the whine on the overrun. Im also getting the weird rattle in 5 th gear between 50mph and about 70. It does indeed sound like pinking, but cannot be replecated in any other gear at low revs so cant be. Whatever it is, Im surprised VW let it go into production like that. Apart from those little noises its good.

However, in 2004 I had a Fiat Panda brand new and that was very impressive at the time... the Citigo is good but not as good as reviews are saying. It doesnt have the character of the Panda or 107 but I guess is better as transport. I like it, but Im glad I went for the S as spending over 10k on one would leave me feeling cheated.
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