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I bought one of these a few months ago, but only got to using it
yesterday. It cost me about £110, not peanuts, but not expensive. The
video is very good, some glare from the sun, but nothing serious. It's
very small and the build is decent enough, time will tell. The reason I
bought the unit is that it is tiny. I am not sure if I will leave it in
place when parked, as it can be seen from outside even though it is
small. I might shove it in the glove box. What do other people do? How
do people fix the cable in place? It comes with a long cable and a plug that fits into the charger socket next to the hand brake. The plug is apparent from outside of the car.

I had two serious problems:


Movies viewed on my PC were very jerky, making them unusable, even
when using the supplied movie player software (on the supplied disk).
The seller said that the problem was with Windows Vista,
and when I booted up my Windows 8 PC, I was able to play the movies
using the Windows movie player, with no signs of jerkiness. So be aware
that the video support under earlier Windows versions is not good. (The
low grade video card on my PC may also have played a role.)


I was unable to open the configuration menu, to set the time. The
solution is to exit play mode. I was able to do this by taking out the micro SD card. Then press the up arrow until the menu appears. As an aside, a long press of the big button on the end does a reset.

These issues are not with the unit, but frankly the manual is not
good, although the English is decent enough. Otherwise the unit is
pretty easy to use. It includes GPS, and when you play a movie in the
supplied player software, not only do you see the video from the camera,
you also see a map view, with the course of the car shown in green,
it's impressive. The player software is rather slick looking but a tad
clunky. I only expect to use it as and when there is an incident, and I
need to check the video to use as evidence. The video is full HD, and it
is rather good. There are examples online.

I was fortunate as I bought from a good seller (combi-uk on ebay) and
he spent a considerable amount of time on the phone talking me through
the issues. You can buy these units directly from China, but I would
recommend buying from the UK to get proper customer support. I can
recommend the chap I bought from, but I am sure there are other good UK
based sellers out there.

Do I recommend this unit? Yes, subject to buying from someone who provides customer support in case of issues.

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I got the Transcend Drivepro200......Fantastic quality and great customer support....doesnt have GPS but so what, does what it says on the tin and cost me around £75 with a 16Gb card included (amazon deal of the day)

Frankly I think the £300+ jobs from blackhawke etc are good but not great value, hence my cheaper option

thanks for the review of yours.
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