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I just received an e-mail from my local dealership letting me know that my Take Up! is on its way to the dealership, and should arrive late this week, or early next week, they said they'd like to keep it there so they can fit it with flaps before I collect.

They were having a few problems tracking down a car with the exact spec I wanted, but they called in a favour from someone at VW so I didn't have to wait for a new build - I think I'm getting a show model but he said it should have fewer than 20 miles on the clock. I don't imagine this will be a problem, but I plan on really checking out the cars exterior and interior before I drive away.

I should be able to collect the car on the 20th April, though I've provisionally booked the 21st April for collection. Not long to wait now!

I've asked them to take some pictures of the car and e-mail them to me when they can, so I'll have some pictures to share with you soon!

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