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So get in the car this morning and felt different, started to pull to the right all the time.I initially thought i had a flat tyre, pulled over and all tyres are fine, no issues.

AsI increase in speed the car pulls even more to the right, really have to pull the wheel to the left to keep it straight.

Phoned VW Vindis in Bedford where I got the car and they told me its probably because i've hit a curb or pothole. Funny as i've very careful with my car, dodge all potholes plus I would know if i've hit a bit pothole to have this affect, tyre and wheel look in good condition, no signs of pothole damage.

He then goes on to say its probably my tracking due to the above, hit a pothole, to which i replied i've not hit any potholes or curbs. He said well bring it in a 9am tomorrow and we will have a look but if its not mechanical it will not be under warranty and you will have to pay £90 for a diagnostic.

I've had the car less than 2 months, paid £9,000I expect it to get fixed without me paying. If I had hit a pothole or curb, then yes its my fault, i would of got a new wheel/tyre and got the tracking done, however the car drove fine on the way home from work last night and its this morning that its started to pull.

I will update with what VW say but anyone got any suggestions on what it can be? I will be kicking up a fuss in the show room if they say i owe them £90 for a diagnostic test, and requesting to speak to the manage if they say its tracking due to me hitting something. I will ask them to prove i've hit a pothole/curb. The wheel turns about 45 degrees to the right when driving.

Not impressed with the VW service so far.


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