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I recently cleaned the drums and shoes on the wife's UP as one of them was totally seized. On inspection, the handbrake operating lever that attaches to the shoe was seized solid to the shoe in the locked position, the other one was almost as bad.
Gave everything a good clean and refitted, brake now working as normal again, but only perhaps for a wee while. Plan to fit new shoes in the coming weeks. I did the front discs and pads the tail end of last year, after about 20K, as they were totally screwed. Believe VW must have been scraping the bottom of the parts bin when using these parts. We also have an almost nine year old Corsa and a seven year old Agila, with way more mileage. Both still on original shoes!!!
The swept areas and size of the discs is not great.. The lack of bite area could wear out pads quite quickly. Even on the GTI......If I’m honest I don’t rate the brakes on my GTI at all. They lack feel and the power is poor. I’ve stripped and serviced them and lubed with Ceratec but they aren’t great. I will be changing the fluid when I get time but at 19 months old and 11K miles I’m not expecting any gains,.
More on topic if it’s going to cause issue for you daughter consider the rear calliper conversion from Upgrade Haus. I think they have the conversion on offer around £450 which isn’t that bad. Fitting a piece of cake 👍👍👍
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