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thought i'd say hello as based on the concept pics the Up GT and hope its in the spirit of the Lupo GTI(along with the Polo Blue GT) is current favourite to replace my current roller skate

last year i joined the low CO2 small car club when i bought a Fiat 500 Twin Air for work based on the savings i would make in fuel costs, maintenance, tyres and insurance from not running my Scirocco which had a reasonable thirst as was a bit full on for going to work in

the 500 is a cracking little car as has its fair share of toys, is client friendly for work and a real hoot to drive and nice and small to avoid the car park scrapes and great in the city environment, it alsogives me more scope to play around with our other cars

unfortunately the Fiat dealer network is a bit hit and miss (only decent dealer i have found who is good and doesn't charge the earth is 50 miles away and if i went Abarth my dealer options are even further limited

self confessed VW fanboy as i recently replaced the Scirocco for a GTI Edition 35 which is about to have some refinements done and wife drives a GTI Pirelli so an Up GT would be a great addition

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