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Hello all.

Thanks for making this site and forum. I'm sure its going to grow, as the Up!'s succes undoubtly will dominate Europe's small-car market over the summer.

I myself has ordered my first car, an Up!. Its going to be a life changer for me. Im 32 years old, dont have a drivers license, still, i ordered a brand new car. ;-) For the last 18 years i have been biking around copenhagen, now i look forward to ease up the longer commutes to the surburbs and further.

This is my Up! on order:

Production week 12, delivery week 14.

White High-Up! 75 hk BMT.

Anthracite seats, dark silver metalic and anthracite dashboard.
Climatic package
Maps+more system.
Panorama window roof.

Looking forward to week 14!

Good luck with the site!

Best wishes Jesper.

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Hi Jesper,

Welcome on the forum.

Nice specs for your car.

So you're from Denmark (because of Copenhagen)?

Very nice city Copenhagen, visit it 3 years ago.

I'am Dutch and am living not far from the German border in the south of the Netherlands.

Kindest reagrds,

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Hi Jesper, welcome to the site

I noticed someone else joined last week and have ordered an Up but not yet passed their driving test so you are not the only one!

Keep us updated with you order, fingers crossed there are no delays

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