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Below is what I found with my 2018 small battery e-up. Since getting my 2021 larger battery one it has averaged 6 miles/unit so just under 200 miles - plenty for me. I put the better economy down to the bigger battery absorbing regen quicker (so more of it per occasion)
Well of course you do have to factor in the high purchase cost - in my case I had some money and wanted an electric car so I used it & bought one - I really just converted a figure in a bank's computer into something useful.

That aside though, I might spend that 拢2.90 for 100 miles if I recharge at our home with a (not very cheap) 16p per unit. For you that will be 1.6 gallons @ about 拢6 per gallon so 拢9.60 per 100 miles. I can of course use one of the mostly free recharge points and then it is - er - now't.
I have met some ppl already who don't ever charge @ home & therefore do it all for free. Of course if we constantly go for the 1/2 hour 22 Kwh (or more) rapid charge we will shorten battery life (VW guarantee it for 8 years) but constantly using the 7Kwh charging points shouldn't be too bad. At home I just use the standard house circuit and supplied charger so it is 2 to 3Kwh and best for battery long life (although I read that EV batteries are 'living' way longer than previously thought. Also of course it won't harm them if, say, on the odd journey across Britain with 3 or 4 half-hour rapid charging stops on the way - OK for most of us but not (yet) for reps. (I don't usually drive anything for more than 75 or 90 minutes before wanting a wee or a coffee or a burger anyway).
Oh, and no road tax of course or charges/bans in city centres.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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