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Can someone's who has picked up their up! advise me on a few things please...?

When the key is in position where the electronics are on... Does the ECU, Catalytic converter and battery icons stay lit up? ...these then disappear once the ignition is started.

When driving, do the dashboard lights (as in the backlights for the speedometer numbers etc) change in intensity every now and then?

Also, when accelerating in high gears, does the engine make a light scratching noise mixed in with the thrum? Could be the issue posted earlier with the guy with 2 faulty ups... But there seems to be no problem with the performance, gear changes and clutch... Just a light scratching noise when accelerating at high speeds!

Surely with engines working to such tight tolerances and with all the computers inside them, any issue that produced a scratching noise would effect the performance, or be detected and flag up a warning on the dash!

I'm thinking it's just the engine settling in, or a character of the engine that's normal...

My father-in-law is a police driver and we pushed the Up over 100mph on a track earlier today and it handled it like a dream, he was really impressed with the performance (as was I!) and again he reiterated that if the light scratching was an engine fault it would surely affect the performance, flag up warnings or cause a catastrophic failure when pushing the engine that hard!

Any help would be much appreciated!!Edited by: Lovejimbo
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