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Some people on here have swapped the facelift rear lights onto their original up! so decided to give it a go, and I wrote down some instructions for other people who may be interested.

The basics are that the light assemblies are physically identical and don't need any modification to the body, but the order of the wires in the plugs are different and need to be shuffled around. Also, the facelift rear lamps don't have fog lamps or reflectors so that will need to be worked around.

Anyway, on to business.

First, remove the access covers on both side of the boot and identify the wiring plugs for the rear lights.

Pull the red retaining clip out about 5mm towards the front of the car, and disconnect the plug while holding down the black tab.

Remove the light assembly by undoing the plastic wing nut, and pull it out of the car.

This 6-pin plug (1S0 972 706) will fit the facelift lights, but the wires need to be shuffled around so open the retaining flap with a small flat screwdriver.

I got a set of assorted terminal removal tools from eBay which makes things a lot easier.

Stick the small flat tools into the two holes on each side of each terminal, and pull the wires out from the back of the plug.

Once the wires are out, they need to be rearranged as below. When putting the terminals back into the plug, make sure the small barbs are in the same orientation as the pin-holes and that they click into place securely. Note that this is for a RHD car, and the wire colours and order may be different for LHD.

As the facelift lights don't have reflectors or a fog light, you will need to add either aftermarket reflectors and a fog light (if required), or swap in a facelift rear bumper.

Once that's all done, close the retaining flap on the plugs, install the new rear lights, plug the wires in (don't forget to push the red retaining clip back in) and you're good to go!

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