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The identification sheet of Volkswagen cars contains many cryptic codes e.g. QIE 1AT. You can get the meaning of these codes on the neat website:


It will give you for example the type of maintenance for your car (ie the PR code): fixed, variable, long life ...

You simply enter your codes separated by a semicolon and you get the meaning like this:

X2A = National sales program Belgium
B0A = Component parts set without country-specific design requirement
C0D = Steel wheels 5J x 14
G0C = 5-speed manual transmission
H9X = Tires 175/65 R 14 82T
J0S = Battery 320A (59Ah)
DG0 = 3-cylinder gasoline engine 1.0 l/44 kW intake manifold injection base engine is TH4
1AT = Electronic stabilization program (ESP)
1G8 = Breakdown set
1ME = Steering wheel
1NH = Full wheel covers
5RQ = Right exterior mirror: convex
5SL = Left exterior mirror: aspherical
TH4 = 3-cylinder gasoline engine 1.0 l unit 04C.C
3S0 = Without roof rails/roof load rack
3U4 = Luggage compartment cover
QI4 = Service indicator 15000 km or 1 year ( fix )
0G0 = Cable gearshift
8UA = Radio with CD player
8GG = Alternator 110 A
8ZG = Antenna for AM/FM reception
1KM = Drum brakes, rear
1LA = Disc brakes, front
3FB = Spoiler roof
G03 = Front shock absorption
7MG = Emission standard EU5
0Y1 = Standard climatic zones
4UF = Drivers and front passenger air bag with front passenger air bag deactivation
4X1 = Side air bag front
4R1 = Power windows
4K3 = Radio remote controlled central locking operated from inside and safe securing
N4H = Fabric seat covering "Comfort"
5MA = Decorative inserts
8RL = 6 speakers (passive)
2JG = Body-colored bumpers
E0A = No special edition
0AQ = Front stabilizer
1JC = Rear shock absorption for sports design
L08 = Suspension range 08 installation control only, no requirement forecast
0YD = Weight range 4 installation control only, no requirement forecast

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Good find kurgbe. I'll save that. Thanks.
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