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My car arrived on shore Tuesday, some went in to pick my new VRM and check how it's all scheduled, and was told the dealer would calle weds to let me know for sure how it was all looking, and so that he could confirm Mondays collection. He also told me he would book it in then for Supaguard on Saturday.
It's now Friday and I still hadn't heard owt. So I popped in, and low and behold, he's not there.
So I spoke to the business manager and explained I expected a call on weds, hadn't heard anything, and was still hoping Monday would be good for collection.
He disappeared off for a while and came back to tell me it's at their PDI centre, but wouldn't be in yet. Anyway, a few phone calls later and he's arranged for someone to go get it first thing Monday morning, then they'll PDI it and do all the other bits they need to then, and it's mine on Tuesday :-D
Except I have to work Tuesday, so Wednesday it is, after all, what's a day when I've waited two and a half months already!
So **** excited! Itching to get my hands on the little thing now!
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