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Ahh, you got me!
But no matter what, it's hard to compete with comedy, insulated undergarments... :)
But hold on, I think The Ash has tartan ones.... :)
Unfortunately not even fireproof nomex nowadays just plain old M&S undercrackers.

Regarding mobile phone deals they are out there aplenty, EE will if pushed do 16gb of data with unlimited text and talk for £8pm and Smarty do something similar for £6pm. Most of the networks will match the £8 and so they should. I never get the phone from them either, sod paying £40+ pm for 2 years. Armed with 16gb of data I can listen to internet radio when out and about which usually means Radio Caroline or another I’ve found called Asterisk Radio.

Once I finally get another Up! I intend to swap the holders around so I can run a TomTom GO 400 on the central bracket, they can be found cheaply on eBay and usually have unlimited map updates and live traffic etc. Nothing else works like and does what a TT does. For free Waze is good though, Google Maps is also good if you don’t mind them ‘watching’ you all the time, same goes for Apple Maps too… always analysing your movements.
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