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Previously I had an Audi A2, so here my thoughts on the UP! after a few days of ownership:

The ride and handling is great, the body feels so solid and there is no rattle or upset on Edinburgh's broken roads.

There is an amazing amount of space inside, perhaps more than the A2 except for the boot. The thin front seats are supportive and comfortable and leave space for rear passengers.

It is really basic. I knew I would be loosing a few features especially as the "move UP!" is only second in the tier of specifications, but I had failed to realise some of the little things I would miss. The switches for electric windows and internal door locking don't light up, there is no dimming function of the dash lighting, the seat belts don't adjust for height and the steering wheel only tilts and isn't reach adjustable. The last two I was well aware of and don't affect my comfort in the car.

The engine is a little noisy at time but of course it is still being run in. I can't comment yet on fuel consumption and performance because I am still on the first tank of fuel and it is being driven according to running in and not either economy or performance.

Enjoying the new car and it's tiny footprint!
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