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Appreciate any advice, previous very happy Fox owner have replaced same with Move Up in October, only done less than 300 hundred miles.Discovered at least two large newish fastenings on drive after moving car, as an ex auto worker not too concerned as they are often dropped about the carduring build process. However am now experiencing a creaking, scraping noise from the front end at low speed especially when braking in heavy slow moving traffic, could be brakes, suspension, gear box. Going to arrange through Volkswagen assist for the vehicle to be taken back to the supplying dealers for inspection.
Passenger seat has no height adjustment although the manual indicates that this is available on some models, however have checked out all options available on all models, This is not offered on any Uk UP models. Has this always been the case? Is it possible to get a retro fit? It was emphasised to the salesman the importance that the comfort at least matched the Fox, as also had an uncomfortablePassat at the same time as the Fox.I have some mobility problems which is the reason I'm banging on about this, hate siiting on the floor.
Reading other members posts, have had over the last ten years a touran, passat , fox and up , they have all had bad codensation problems,just took as granted, however the heater fan in the up doesn't exactly blast out so cold start means a patient wait.but feel I should now press the dealer to sort this out.
Also the supplied radio isof poor quality, but not sure if a better choice woulddo any do any better against the NVH coming from the car.
At this moment I feel the Fox is a much better car and I am sorry I let it go.
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