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Morning Everyone,

I've got a problem with the sat nav in my UP! I have an iPhone and when connecting the Bluetooth, it always used to work no problem, it has three options, car phone, iPhone or speaker and to use the car speakers it goes through to car phone, now when i start the call it stays on car phone until it rings the caller then automatically goes to iPhone, and it's unable to click car phone or speak and you can't hear the person you're trying to call, I've tried it with my partners phone and hers does the exact same, yet it only does the when the engine is running, i.e if i'm driving somewhere and want to make a call it doesn't work, yet if i pull over switch the engine off and take the keys out, it works as it used to, with no problems.

Has anyone else had this problem or know of anyway to solve it?

i thought about resetting the sat nav but thought i'd ask fellow UP! owners first.

Many thanks,
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