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Hi folkes,

A danish company is working on a 3D argumented reality ad for the up.

You can see how the technology works here:

To make it Work, you need an app on your smart phone. Go to "App store" or "Android marked". (Name: ShowCase from intertisement):

This is a Testpage for the App. (pdf)

I works fine, if I point my HTC at my PC screen, so there is no need to print the page.

Danish information on the project(it is a Danish company making this):

This is the Google translation of the page, edited for gross errors. Some of you can find more if you think it is important. :):

<blockquote>Volkswagen up! Augmented Reality App

Ekstrabladet leaps - Augmented Reality has reached the print media.

Extrabladet(magazine) contains some ground breaking news in the newspaper car section here shortly. The readers will have a thrilling surprise, which has not been seen before in a Danish newspaper.
Volkswagen will upload an ad for their new UP! car the car sektionen in "Extra Bladet"(magazine). However, Up car can not be seen the ad, but the ad comes alive when you hold her smart phone or tablet over the ad after you have downloaded "Volkswagen up! 3D experience "app. Magazine's readers will experience UP! the car coming up the ad, and run virtually around the ad in 3d. Readers
must download a so-called application on their smart phone or tablet,
and have ad physically in front of him to see the 3d animation of the UP! car. Besides
the Augmented Reality feature App users will be able to change the car colour,
rims and rotate the car or make the car bigger, or send a photo
of the custom made car you've just made, in the app, to a friend or upload the photo of
the car to facebook. Via the app one can even get more info about the car via direct links, for example. to the Volkswagen's website.

Reality technology gives life to the printed media, and can move users from print to online media. We are proud to be first with
Augmented Reality in a national newspaper in Denmark. Augmented Reality
and UP! Case is a prime example of how
new technologies can take advantage of exciting synergies between
several of Ekatrabladet's platforms - in this case print and online, "says
Morten Blichmann, Development, Extra Bladet(magazine) Sales director.

Application of the extended virtual reality is developed by Intertisement in collaboration with advertising agency Subsero.
"Augmented Reality is not a new technology. Since
Steven Spielberg's futuristic film, Minority Report from 2002 which
showed an alarming use of Augmented Reality, technology, it has moved from
being just an idea of ""‹""‹what the future will bring, to a real usable
communications and marketing tool today. After
the launch of the smart phone and tables with powerful graphics card and
fast CPU processors, the possibilities for developing Augmented Reality
solutions has grown dramatically. Being
developed today, Augmented Reality for viral marketing, entertainment,
information search, tourism guides, etc., both for online and mobile
media, "says Kim Bleshøy Nielsen Intertisement.

app is launched at the end of March 2012 both the AppStore and Android
Market while Ekstrabladet launches Volkswagen the ad in the newspaper.

Future cooperation on the provision of Augmented Reality solutions Ekatrabladet advertisers.
and Ekstrabladet entered into a collaboration to offer the newspaper's
advertisers Augmented Reality solutions that can be valuable a connection
from the printed media to online media. In this context there will be an information meeting on "Volkswagen up! 3D experience "app and the possibilities of Augmented Reality on the printed media on the 13th april in Extra Bladet(magazine office). If you want more information on this info-session and possibly signing up for this you can write to [email protected].

</blockquote>I think this is interesting an of couse I have tested the app on my smart phone.


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