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Please can anyone answer these questions?

I recently placed an order for a new e up, I am told it could 'be a while'. It will be perfect for Guernsey, range is not going to be an issue but will be manageable for the odd trip to the uk and France. Really excited about getting it. Have also ordered a Citroen AMI to replace our two petrol guzzlers.

I originally ordered a metallic silver one but I noticed the online configurator changed very recently and now a silicon grey metallic is an option, so have changed my config/order to that.

I also notice that on the website it quotes 'The e‑up! offers even more standard features yet costs less than ever. Practical and perfectly equipped: the “Lane Assist”, traffic sign reminder, fully-fledged head and side airbags as well as the new seat occupant detection for rear passengers are all on board.'
Ive done a fair bit of research, mainly due to my excitement, regarding the car and no-one ever really mentions the traffic sign reminder. Is this something that is new to 2022 cars, just seems strange that the configurator seems to have changed very recently. Alternatively, it could be a mistake on the website and a promise of something that isn't actually on the car. It's something we have on our Audi and its pretty useless because all our speed limits in Guernsey are 15, 25 or 35 mph and not 30 and 40 etc like in the uk. When I print my configuration it all looks correct but doesn't mention traffic sign reminder but it does say its has a front facing camera, as well as the rear reversing one. It's quite confusing.

Also, there are not many factory configurable options but one of which is the option of a rear spoiler, doesn't the e-up have a cute little one anyway? Ive added it as an option but worried its going to come with a larger 'boy-racer' one, which won't be really my style and not really what I want. I have added the sharkskin dash because it also adds ambient lighting and door sill protectors.

Any further advice would be much appreciated.

My dealer assures me that I can alter my configuration until the car hits a certain point on the production line and then it will be fixed.

Thanks everyone from Guernsey.

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