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Hi All,

Just bought one of these lovely little cars a couple of days ago. Not only my first Up! but my first VW in general. Main car is provided by Motability (Peugeot 5008 GT Line Premium, only 6 months old) but with a change to full time employment, from part time evenings, I needed a smaller car for running to a from work so the better half would still be able to run our disabled daughter around to various appointments and get the kids to after school stuff through the day.

Settled on an Up after having a look around the various options (Peugeot 107, Toyota Aygo, Honda Jazz, Hyundai i10 etc) and been digging through the forum since! So many great sources of information and already managed to get the headlights, indicators and side lights upgraded and fitted in a wee temporary bluetooth soilution till I can get the sound system upgraded.

Picked up a 65 plate Move Up!, 1ltr 60hp in Candy white. Planning to turn it into a wee bit of a project so seat covers/replacement, some vinyl wrapping to add a wee bit of personalisation, nicer wheels and in the long run hopefully a wee remap for a little boost in power.

loads of thanks to the forum for the resources on getting the lights upgraded though, been great so far :wink:
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