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Hello - new Up owner here, down in sunny Devon. It is a 2018 Move Up - really like the car, although it is small and mid-range spec it is a really well built machine. I am planning to keep the car forever, if/when I get another car it will be larger for long journeys, and will keep the Up as a runaround for in town. With this in mind, which of these mods have you found has been most valuable? I have been browsing the forum and made this list of things I could do, in no particular order:

Upgrade headlights and replace indicators with Silver Vision
Auto lights with sensor
Dash cam
Umbrella holder
Heko wind deflectors
Sill and boot protectors
Reversing sensors
Reversing camera
Cruise control
Stainless steel pedals
Fog lights
Mud flaps
Boot side carpet
Centre console arm rest
Coffee maker!

What from your experience is most worth doing?

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Upgrade headlights and replace indicators with Silver Vision - great if you race about at night down dark lanes, but the downside is that they fail far more often than standard bulbs and are expensive.

Auto lights with sensor - fine, but a bit pointless if yours already has daytime running lights.

Dash cam - fine, but illegal in some countries. Good in UK as the place is full of scumbags :)

Umbrella holder - errm the Citigo version actually comes with an umbrella under the passenger seat....

Heko wind deflectors - loved by some, usually smokers, but not the best brand. Personal choice, but I hate the look, and the extra drag factor!

Sill and boot protectors - why not!

Reversing sensors - standard on many. I like mine, and they work well, but hey, it's a really easy, tiny car....

Reversing camera - often gets dirty; ultrasonic sensors are better but not as blingy.

Cruise control - I love CC, but on a long trip it's pointless with so little power as your speed will still drop and you'll have to change down on hills even on motorways.... OK for roadworks (not many where I live!)

Stainless steel pedals - look good, but what problem does this solve? Maybe they are slightly slippery compared with standard rubbers....

Fog lights - always pointless. Just drive at the correct speed!

Mud flaps - OK, but only for the guy up your tailgate. Makes no difference to your car. BUT if you have an older vehicle, wheel arch liners are a must.

Boot side carpet - what? You want to lie in the boot sideways to sip your beer? If you have rubbish in the boot use a strong plastic rubble bag.

Centre console arm rest - it annoyingly gets in the way of the handbrake and gear lever, but may be useful for those 750 miles trips (in a day) into central Europe.

Coffee maker! - It's called a "rest stop", but if you can recommend a bean-to-cup machine that fits in my car, I'd be interested.

--- You also need a kitchen sink :)

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Hey bud I have done
My lights all around (inside and outside)
Bonnet Strut instead of bar.
Gti Spoiler
Have a look at the gallery section.
There is loads you can do to these cars and loads of help on this site.
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